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The filter has the same physical size and appearance as a standard “3-bag” sand filter. This means that should you require a replacement filter, no modifications to the structure of your current filter “housing” will be necessary.

The installation of the filter, however, is not intrusive. Your current filtration system is IN NO WAY removed, altered, or affected. Should you choose, for ANY reason, to operate your system as before the installation, you may do so AFTER the installation. Provided you have had the installation done by an accredited Clean Sweep technician, or an accredited agent, you have a full 12 months money-back guarantee on the product.

The filter has a normal service interval of between 3 to 6 months, giving it the lowest maintenance demand in its category.

The servicing of the filter by the agent, when required, takes no longer than 10 minutes, and will not interrupt your daily schedule.

Replacement parts and accessories are widely available, and we strongly encourage the D.I.Y. homeowner to take over the simple maintenance aspects of this filter.

The Backwashless Filter® is unaffected by pH, flocculants (chemicals which are used to clear dirty water by making large (“filterable”) molecules from small ones) or the addition of other chemicals utilized in the sanitation of water.

It is equally and effectively employed in applications stretching from grey-water treatment to Koi-pond filtration. The transition to “upgrade” the system to incorporate substances like activated charcoal (to absorb color and odor from dirty water) or peat (peat-moss) required by certain tropical fish is quick and painless, and is usually completed in a matter of minutes.

Trials on iron-enriched borehole water proved completely successful, notwithstanding the forcefully abusive environment under which the “tests” were conducted.

For extra “polished” water, the system allows for the use of both conventional sand filter and Backwashless Filter® at the same time!

The Backwashless Filter® will accept diatomaceous earth, enabling filtration, if required, down to an amazing 5 microns! But the filter is more easily cleaned than any existing cartridge or D.E. filter. Replacement components, when required, are cheaper than any other filtration system on the market.

Even clean sand filters, by their very design, retard the flow of water, sometimes offering too much of an obstacle for the effective use of automatic pool cleaners, like the Kreepy Krawly® or Barracuda®. No such obstacles will be presented by the Backwashless Filter®, allowing greater efficiency in cleaning.

The Backwashless Filter® is also designed to be fail-safe. In the event of a blockage through the filtration medium (like if you were trying to vacuum mud from the bottom of the pool), it diverts water flow to the next available port (12 ports in one filter) within the filter. Should there be none available, (Clean Sweep trials could not accomplish this!) the filter medium will simply slip off its housing and allow water to flow through freely.